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In general, assignments are either to be submitted to the course emailbox as Microsoft Word email attachments or to be uploaded to your GSLIS account. Submission details are included with each assignment. Assignments are due by midnight on the due date. The maximum number of points for each assignment is roughly equal to the percent contribution of the assignment to the final grade. Assignment details are subject to change as the class progresses. Please read the assignment page for the details of each assignment before your submission.

Due Date
Points / Code
Preparation and participation over the course of the semester or summer term
10 / --
Weekly Question and Answer
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
-- / WQ1-WQ16
Establish GSLIS Account and Provide Email Addresses
Jun 7
-- / GAE
Provide names for Information Technology Problem Area Description
Jun 7
-- / ITN
Discussion Board Logon and Profile Update
Jun 8
-- 0 / DBU
Defining Bit Rate, Bandwidth, and Baud Using Web-based Search Techniques
Jun 11
5 / BBP
Information Technology Problem Area Description
Jun 13
5 / ITP
Comparison of Web-based Online Public Access Catalogs
Jun 15
5 / OPA
Science and Technology Studies Article Evaluation
Jun 18
5 / STS
Choice of topics for group Web-based Presentation
Jun 18
-- / WPT
Three (3) substantial, multi-paragraph contributions to the discussion board about your book being reviewed
Jun 22-29
-- / BR1-BR3
Draft due of Web-based Presentation on the Web
Jun 25
-- / WPD
Draft due of Capstone Essay - Professional Development Plan
Jun 25
-- / CED
Web-based Presentation
Jul 2
20 / WPP
Critical Peer Evaluation of Web-based Presentation
Jul 5
10 / WPE
Scholarly Book Review
Jul 9
20 / BRP
A tutorial in how to use Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) to provide encryption, decryption, and digital signatures is available to you; see PGP and Public Key Cryptography. It is recommended that you work through this tutorial; however, the former assignment in sending an email message with a digital signature is no longer required.
Capstone Essay - Professional Development Plan
Jul 11
20 / CEP

Assignments with viruses or other hygiene problems will have serious impact on your final grade.

All assignments must be handed in on time, and the instructors reserve the right to issue a course grade of F if ANY assignment is not completed.

LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED unless three criteria are met:

1. At least 24 hours before the date due, one or both of the instructors give explicit permission to the student to hand the assignment in late.

2. At the same time, a specific date and time are agreed upon for the late submission.

3. The assignment is then submitted on or before the agreed-upon date and time.

The first criterion can be met only in the most serious of health, family, or personal situations.



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