The San Diego Zoo presents:
The Animals!

Published by The Software Toolworks in 1992. For elementary and middle school students of all ages. CD-ROM. $39.95

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This CD-ROM can be used to explore biomes and animals. There is an abundance of information about each animal. Ecological concerns and endangered animals are presented making this an excellent tool for student research, especially since the CD-ROM has a copy to disk and print feature. The contents include:

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Strengths and Weaknesses Strenghts: There is an abundance of information on more than 200 animals, 80 full motion videos, rich photos, over 2 hours of audio with CD-quality sound, and 2500 pages of printable text. Excellent tool for student research on biomes, environment, and a variety of other topics related to life on earth

Weaknesses: The text in Storybook Theater is not suitable for K-1 students to read independently. [Top of Page]

Ease of Use

Three icons appear on the screen to direct the user. The overview icon presents the big picture, general layout, and directions on how to use the main menu map. The Animals Alphabetical Icon enables the user to search the CD-Rom by animal. The Main Menu Map presents a topographical map of the 10 bioclimatic zones. Each animal exhibit contains descriptive text, color photographs, audio and video clips all accessible by the click of the mouse. Text may be copied to disk then loaded into another application and printed.

The CD-ROM is self-explanatory, colorful and easy to use. The menu navigational buttons are clear and easy to understand. There is no wait time between changes. The overview gives a thorough explanation of how to use all icons and navigational buttons and arrows. [Top of Page]

Unique Features

The user may keyword search or use the alphabetical animal index to select an animal. By clicking on the tour section of the topographical map on the main menu the user may select from 8 tours. E.G. Primate tour, Cat Tour. This feature has text, color pictures, audio, and video. The Storybook Theater feature allows the user to hear interesting stories with rich pictures about the zoo animals. [Top of Page]

System Requirements

Macintosh, 4 MB RAM, 12 or 13 inch RGB color monitor, 20 MB internal hard drive; system 6.07 or higher, mouse. This reviewer used a Macintosh Performa 575, 4 MB Ram, color monitor. [Top of Page]

Other Reviews

School Library Journal. October, 1993, Page 49:
	"This is a wonderful tool for exploring biome, animals, and 
	 zoos of the world. In addition to abundant information about 
	 animals, the program raises many important issues of ecology 
	 and survival of endangered species." 

Review by Carol Wade, graduate student in library and information science, UT Austin.
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