The American Girls Premiere

Published by The Learning Company and Pleasant Company,1997 [Back to Multimedia Reviews Index Page]


This charming CD-ROM will be irresistable for children who enjoy the popular American Girls book series. Like the books, it is both educational and entertaining, bringing history alive. With this CD, children create and produce their own plays in a multimedia theater, starring their favorite book characters. They select authentic scenes and props, direct their characters' actions and emotions, and add music, sound effects, and lighting.

This CD-ROM provides a thorough, easy-to-use manual. It is uniquely packaged in a nostalgic metal box filled with surprises. Included are an activity book--complete with crafts, recipies and party ideas--and a real cap and bracelet for children to wear.

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The American Girls Premiere is designed for seven to twelve year olds, though younger children will need some adult assistance. With this CD-ROM, children increase their computer competency while gaining historical knowledge and boosting literary skills.

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Ease of Use

This CD-ROM features an elegant, self explanatory and consistent interface. Older children will navigate easily and quickly, and will find the multimedia format appealing. Since the format is based on the unlimited possibilities of a children's imagination and creativity, they will not grow tired of it quickly.

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System Requirements

The American Girls Premiere is designed for both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh with 8MB RAM, double-speed CD-ROM drive, 256 color display, and compatable printer. For Windows, a 486 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher or Windows 95, Windows-compatible sound card and. For Macintosh: 68030 or higher; System 7.1 or higher; 13" or larger monitor.

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Reviewed by Lou Vonne Johnson, March 1999.
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