Jacek Gwizdka:
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Grant from Lockheed Martin Corporation
Project Title: Personalized Complex Data Exploration (PCDE)  
Finding relevant information in large collections of documents is difficult and time consuming. This exploratory project is based on the premise that effectiveness and efficiency of interactive information retrieval can be improved by increasing bandwidth of human-computer interaction. Eye-tracking data will be combined with EEG signals to sense a user’s information intent. Eye tracking sensors can identify what the user is looking at, while EEG sensors can assess the user’s mental states related to the information the user seeing and processing. A combination of EEG and eye-tracking signals promises to enable identification of document text relevant to the user’s information needs and retrieving additional documents. Dr. Jacek Gwizdka received a grant from Lockheed Martin Corporation to work on this project in collaboration with Lockheed Martin and University of Maryland.