Jacek Gwizdka:
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Grant from Lockheed Martin Corporation
Project Title: Eye-Tracking for Adaptive User Interfaces (EyeAdaptUI)  
Dr. Jacek Gwizdka, a co-Director of the Information eXperience (IX) Lab in the School of Information at University of Texas at Austin, is a principal investigator on a new project "Eye-Tracking for Adaptive User Interfaces" funded by Lockheed Martin Corporation. The main goal of this 3 year project is to improve user-system performance in systems with complex displays. Eye-tracking and facial expression detection technologies will be used to sense user cognitive and affective mental states and adapt the display or adjust the training procedures. The objective of adaptation is to improve the user’s situation awareness and reduce mental workload.  Dr. Gwizdka will design and conduct experiments in the IX lab to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed approach. More...