Jacek Gwizdka:
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IMLS Research Award - Early CAREER Development - 2011  
Project Title: Continuous Assessment of Cognitive Load in Information Seeking (Website)
Dr. Jacek Gwizdka was awarded IMLS Early Career Development grant for the project "Continuous Assessment of Cognitive Load in Information Seeking". This award was very competitive - only 2 out of 24 submission were successful (success rate 8.3%). Award amount: $334,641.

Dr. Gwizdka will use this grant to develop and validate a new framework for non-intrusive, continuous monitoring and assessment of cognitive load (mental effort) experienced by users of digital libraries. This framework will then be validated in an experiment where cognitive load will be controlled. After successful validation, a second experiment will be conducted, in which the developed framework will be applied to assessing cognitive load in realistic information seeking scenarios. This project will result in a new understanding of the mental effort required by those engaged in information seeking. Results of the study will inform the design of digital libraries and other interactive information systems.