Jacek Gwizdka:
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Google Research Award 2011  
Project Title: Implicit Detection of Relevance Decisions and Affect in Web Search  
LIS Professor Jacek Gwizdka and PhD student Michael Cole have received Google Research Award ($71,579) for project entitled "Implicit Detection of Relevance Decisions and Affect in Web Search". Knowledge of a user’s relevance decisions enables a better understanding of a person's search intent. Non-intrusive detection of these decisions will enable improvement of search engine algorithms, personalization of search results and has a potential of a wide impact on information society. In this project researchers will use physiological signals (eye-movement and pupil size – using Tobii T-60 eye-tracker, galvanic-skin response – using BrainMaster Atlantis+GSR, and electroencephalography – using Emotiv EPOC wireless EEG headset) to investigate implicit detection of information relevance decisions and how these decisions are influenced by affect. The use of physiological signals to detect relevance decisions and affect is a novel approach to study information seeking.