To'Hajiilee Community School


To'Hajiilee Community School is located fifteen miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. (map) It is home of the Cañoncito Band of Navajos on land set aside by law on August 13, 1949. High school students successfully campaigned to change the community's name from the Spanish, Cañoncito, to the Navajo/Dine, To'Hajiilee.

It has 425 students in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. To'Hajiille Community School is a participant in the FACE (Family and Child Education) Literacy Project.

To'Hajiilee site visits:

April 26-27, 2001
When I arrived at To'Hajiilee I was immediately rushed to the gym where a group of dancers from the northwest, visiting for the Gathering of Nations Powwow, was performing for the school. I got to watch and participate, holding hands with kids and moving clockwise in a huge circle to shake hands with the wonderful dancers. It was really a unique experience. Afterwards we visited the library, read to a class, and had a great conversation with Ms. Vargas.

Frances Ramberg

October 23, 2000
Just a quick note to thank you for sending Choctaw storyteller
Tim Tingle our way. The students really enjoyed him and the staff, too. He hopes to come back. I have been getting the books for the project.

Rita Pino Vargas, Librarian
To'Hajiilee Community School

December 5, 2004
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