Red Mesa High School


Red Mesa is in the Four Corners area, about 25 miles west of the Four Corners National Monument .

Red Mesa High school has has an average enrollment of 296 students, predominately Navajo. Class sizes ranges from 15 to 25 students. The school has its own radio and television stations(KRMH FM). Red Mesa has been designated as a 21st Century Community Learning Center since 1998.

Red Mesa's Home Page includes the school's address and phone number.

Marti Lindsey is the librarian at Red Mesa.


Red Mesa site visits:

November 20, 2000
It has been so exciting this fall getting teenagers turned on by books and reading. I know the program is working here as well because now students are coming to get books that they have discussed with friends, suggesting books for me to buy and have increased our circulation almost 3 fold. When we begin to give out our incentives I know that the circulation will go up again as the reluctant readers begin to take books and Accelerated Reader quizes so they can get incentives too.

Marti Lindsey
School Media Specialist, Red Mesa High School

October 27, 2000
I've been kicking off our reading program and the high school students have taken to it better than I ever imagined. We started with a reading test of all 300 students to determine the current reading levels. We spent much of the first 9 weeks encouraging students, processing our new books, working on book selection with kids and developing our incentive program. Our Principal is taking our top five readers to lunch next week. This is a very big deal here as the nearest place to eat is almost an hour away. The school has hired a reading program assistant for the library to manage the program and make sure our incentives really happen. We have parties and field trips planned. It is so good to know that there are many people so interested in Native American literacy. I believe that it is the single most important skill for Native kids. Thank you for your concern and support. If anybody would like to visit our school, please let me know. It is quite an experience!

Marti Lindsey
School Media Specialist, Red Mesa High School

December 5, 2004
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