Ojo Encino Day School


New School for the 2004-2005 School Year!

Ojo Encino Day School is located on the Navajo reservation, 25 miles west of Cuba, NM, and is a BIA school that serves about 220 students.  The school library program also serves the Ojo Encino Head Start students (3&4 yr. olds) and the BabyFace program (6 mos-3 yr. olds).  The school is under the Department of the Interior and the student population is primarily Navajo children.

Sponsor a month of Family Literacy Activities!
A one time donation of $50 will support family literacy activities for an entire month at Ojo Encino Day School. Activities include reading bingo, parent nights, and other reading activities. The goal is to promote reading as an activity that involves both children and parents, and extends into the home.

If you would like to sponsor a month of Family Literacy, send an email to:


Ojo Encino site visits:

September 17, 2004
We arrived at Ojo Encino Day School early in the morning, and met up with Mary Nickless. We were very excited about this visit since it was our first trip to Ojo Encino, and it is the schools first year with the program. We took a tour of the grounds, met lots of great students, and were even treated to lunch with the 2nd graders. We made short visits to every classroom, and were able to read or tell a story in almost every class. Ojo Encino has a great group of students.

December 5, 2004
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