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Browning Public Schools is located in Browning, Montana. Browning is the largest community on the Blackfeet Reservation, and is the headquarters for the tribal government. The Blackfeet Reservation is located in northern Montana, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  The reservation is bordered on the west by beautiful Glacier National Park, and on the north by Alberta, Canada. 

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Browning Middle School joined the reading program in the Summer of 2000. Francine Miller (UT GSLIS Alumn) is the librarian at Browning.

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September 25, 2001
Jack Gladstone was at our Literacy Night event. He's a Blackfeet artist up for a Native American Grammy. He tells stories about Blackfeet history and then goes into a song he has written. He also started and supports "Native America Speaks" in Glacier National Park, which does summer presentations for tourists. He has a Rose Bowl ring from his college days and taught at the Blackfeet College before turning professional. I'm one of his biggest fans and first heard him at a library conference last year.

Francine Miller
Librarian, Browning Middle School

October 26, 2000
Last night was a great success. The teachers want another reading night in February 2001. We created a PowerPoint presentation on the "If I Can Read" project. I gave out RIF books to every kid as a door prize. Everyone got a bag, button, and poster. It was just too much fun. We had 28 kids, 24 adults and 7 staff members and a Blackfeet storyteller.

Francine Miller
Librarian, Browning Middle School

December 5, 2004
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