Islam Akef Ebeid

I am a PhD Student at the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. I research innovative ways of visualizing information especially with the emergence of new new media. I also experiment with data science, data analytics and machine learning techniques to study Human Computer Interaction through fusing sensors. I focus on research topics that lie in the intersection between human computer interaction, information visualization and data analytics. Shaped by a systematic education in Mathematics, Systems Engineering and Computer & Information Science combined with several years of industry experience in data modelling, database and user interfaces, I strive to push the boundaries in HCI research.
Please refer to my research page to check out what I am working on these days.
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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
College of Engineering and Information Technology
Emerging Analytics Center - Room 418
2801 S University Ave
Little Rock
AR 72202


January 2017: Visiting Miami for family purposes
December 2016: Revamping my website
November 2016: Participated in the Super Computing 2016
October 2016: Working on auto-calibrating projectors