Islam Akef Ebeid


A WebGL/D3 based interactive visualization of data coming out of the XLPM algorithm on 2 protein structures. The paper has been presented at Electronic Imaging 2016, The no figures paper has been accepted as an article in the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology 2016, unfortunetly the co-authors have agreed to withdraw to reiterate the work and resubmit this summer of 2017.
Masters Project
The main goal of this system is to provide a graphical representation of these changes in two ways: displaying the behavior, of an existing algorithm and moving graphical objects around the screen to simulate an algorithm and the system automatically generates the code.
Bachelors Project
Intersection Collision Avoidance System (ICAS) is an applications development for a series of technologies directly linking road vehicles to their physical surroundings in order to improve road safety. A Java based server client application + hardware implementation (GPS-Microcontrollers), based upon that vehicles can be connected to servers on the streets to be able to control traffic.
Global Big Data Management & Governance in Health Care Information Systems
A paper submitted as part of the Data Governance course and presented at the UALR Research Expo.
Latent Drichelet Allocation Topic Modelling
A study to compare the results of two packages (Mallet and Gensim) to Topic Model the 20 Newsgroup dataset. As part of the Machine Learning Class
IT Policies
I was requested to write a new set of User Acceptance Policies for the Information Systems Department. To be published on the Univeristy of Arkansas at Little Rock website.
Cave Object Scanner
I am proposing real time application inside the CAVE environment that would allow scanning small objects on a custom made turntable using a Real Sense camera that would capture the objects information creating a mesh file (OBJ) that would be rendered instantly inside the CAVE allowing the user to manipulate the object using a Leap Motion Sensor.
English Language Institute
I was asked to write the curriculum for the English Language Institute for the English Program for international students, It was published on the website.
Paper Submission Application
A simple Web-based system for the review of conference papers. Developed as part of the Web Development Class at Arkansas Tech University. Tools: Php, MySql, HTML
Information Systems Security Final Paper
A design for security policies for a National Visualization Lab, presented at UALR Research Expo.
SigGraph best talk abstract
SIGRAPH best talk abstract presented at the EAC colliquim meeting at UALR after returning from SIGGRAPH 2015