INF 385P 
Introduction to Usability 

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Your grade will be based on three things:

  1. your general contribution in class (30%),
  2. a "white paper" on some topic in the area of science applied to the design of human-computer interfaces (30%), and
  3. a final project (work in pairs) entailing the usability engineering of a web site or traditional software user interface (40%).

Late Assignments:

Your grade will be docked one grade per day late, for your written assignment. As for make-up exams, I will truly hate to have to create a second exam. But if you're sick, or have some other good excuse, please call me in advance.


  • If you have a question, please ask. I will be very receptive to emails at any time, and phone calls before 10:00 p.m.
  • Attendance matters. When you aren't here, you deprive your classmates of your shared wisdom..
  • Any student with a documented disability (physical or cognitive) who
    requires academic accommodations should contact the Services for Students
    with Disabilities area of the Office of the Dean of Students at 471-6259
    (voice) or 471-4641 (TTY for users who are deaf or hard of hearing) as soon
    as possible to request an official letter outlining authorized

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