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Introduction to Usability 

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Late Breaking News

* Dr. Bias' Note to 385P (5/12):

Intro Usability Class: I have graded your final projects, but I have NOT added all the comments I wish to offer you. If you are eager for your course grade, send me an email and I’ll send it to you.

Please be patient and I’ll get you your projects, with comments, late next week. If you are eager to share your report with your “client,” let me know and I’ll try to get you electronic comments more quickly. Also I promised you a short summary, “Usability in one page(.doc).” Herewith. (We didn’t get to the “Competition,” the bit with the blue background.) Thanks for an invigorating class. Have a great summer.


* Final Report Example (.doc)

* Dr. Bias' Note to 385P (4/12)

Intro Usability folk:
Thank you for all your expressions of concern. My eye seems to be getting better. As for this week, OF COURSE we'll have class. I'll talk a bit about discount usability engineering methods. Hans will demo (really, I'm just sure of it, this time!) the Morae tool. I'll ask you all to share some "lessons learned" or surprises from your testing sessions. See you (with at least one eye!) Thursday. One more thing -- if you have not already done so, shoot me a note requesting a particular day to make your final presentation (April 21, April 28, or May 5). Note, I fully expect you to be present for all three classes, to give the others the benefit of your wisdom after their talks.


* Dr. Bias' Note .doc to 385P (4/6)

* Usability Test Plan Template: You can find other useful usability tools at

* Day 4 ppt I (Needs Analysis:Design through Discovery) and Day 4 ppt II (User Needs and User Profiling) by Phil Kortum, Bob Bushey from SBC are available online!

* Day 5 ppt (Presentation Skills by Kate McLagan) is available online!

* Day 3 ppt is available online!

* Day 2 ppt is available online!

* White Paper Examples -some thoughts from Dr. Bias to help you know more about white papers. (.doc file could be downloaded)

* Day 1 ppt is available online! You can also download it from Schedule page.

* About the class listserv, access to
Blackboard, login with your EID, select "Communication" at the left navigation bar, and select "Send Email" to All Users. You're welcome to use other communication tools and discussion board provided by Blackboard.

* Dr. Bias will NOT put any information up on Blackboard without notifying you first either by email or in the "Late Breaking News" box.

INF 385P

Introduction to Usability

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