Graduate School of Library and Information Science - The University of Texas



Outline of Course

Meeting Date Topics

Unit 1:

Introduction to the Study of Government Information
1 WED June 4 Introduction to the course
      Introduction to government and information
      Tour of government information collection at PCL

Unit 2:

United States Federal Government Information
2 THU June 5 Selected history of federal information activities
      Federal Depository Library Program
      Finding aids
      Tour of government information collection at Public Affairs Library
3 TUE June 10 Federal legislative information
      Legislative histories
      The U.S. Code
4 WED June 11 The Presidency and selected executive branch agencies
      The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Register
5 THU June 12 Federal judicial information:  the U.S. Supreme, District, and Appeals Courts
      Major digital repositories of federal judicial information
      Assignment due: Identification of research team, federal or state agency, and information initiative (1 p.) GRP
6 TUE June 17 Spatially-referenced information:  Geographic Information
      Systems (GIS) and maps
      Assignment due:  U.S. Federal information problem set (25%)
7 WED June 18 Sources of statistical data
      2000 U.S. Census

Unit 3:

Texas and Other State Information
8 THU June 19 No class meeting
      Tour of UT Law Library
      Review of online lesson material:  Texas legislative information
9 TUE June 24 No class meeting
      Review of online lesson material:  Texas regulatory information
      Assignment due:  Spatial and statistical information problem set (10%)
10 WED June 25 No class meeting
      Tour of Texas Law Library or Texas State Library and Archives Commission
      Review of online lesson material:  Texas judicial information

Unit 4:

The United Nations and Other Sources of International Government Information
11 THU June 26 No class meeting
      Tour of international document collections at PCL
      Review of online lesson material:  United Nations documents
      Assignment due:  Outline or full draft of agency report GRP

Unit 5:

Selected Government Information Policy Areas
12 TUE July 1 Information resources management (IRM) and paperwork reduction
      Assignment due:  Texas, state, and international information problem set (10%)
13 WED July 2 Federal freedom of information and state open records
      Intellectual property
      Fees for government information
14 THU July 3 E-government
      Constitutional conflict among the three branches of government about printing and information dissemination
15 TUE July 8 Surveillance and terror
      Assignment due: Report on specific federal or state agency’s information service (five double-spaced pp.)(25%) GRP
16 WED July 9 Course evaluation
      Course summary
  FRI July 11 Assignment due:  Government information issue paper (five double-spaced pp.) (20%)