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Exploring Indigenous Languages of North America and Beyond:

A Pathfinder

Linguistically complex and grammatically diverse, indigenous languages reflect the culture and history of many world communities. It is through the education and interest of a new generation of speakers that indigenous languages will survive. This pathfinder is designed to help participants in the “A Gathering of Readers” program discover more about indigenous languages in North America and around the world. The questions begin with general topics and become more specialized as they progress.

I’m interested in finding sources that provide basic information about indigenous languages of the world. Where would be a good place to start?

The Columbia Encyclopedia online:

Ethnologue: Languages of the World - SIL International

 I’d like to find indigenous language teaching tools and tutorials online.

Vocabulary Words in Native American Languages- Native Languages of the Americas.

Teaching Indigenous Languages - Northern Arizona University

Are there online indigenous language resources for kids?

Native Languages of the Americas: Facts for Kids

Native American Children’s Books - Native Languages of the Americas:

International Digital Children’s Library

Are there preservation efforts to protect endangered indigenous languages? How would I learn more about these?

Endangered Languages Database - Indigenous Languages Institute

Reyhner, John.Some Basics of Indigenous Language Revitalization

Where would I start to find information on indigenous languages in North America?

Native Americans” - San Antonio Public Library

Barry Pritzker’s A Native American Encyclopedia: History, Culture, and Peoples.

Where can I find information on the history of North American indigenous languages?

Indigenous Languages – American Indian Heritage Foundation

I’d like to know if there are similarities between North American indigenous languages.

Languages– Encyclopedia of North American Indians

Where can I find maps on North American indigenous languages?

Modern Language Association Language Map - Modern Language Association

Map of Native American Language Groups – California State University

Indian Tribes, Cultures, and Languages - National Atlas of the United States of America


I hope this Pathfinder has helped you locate some resources on indigenous languages. You can try your own search at, or with any other search engine. Don’t hesitate to ask your local librarian for more information or for help in locating these items.