About Me

I worked with writers and books for five years in New York, at a literary agency. I watched all parties in the publishing industry grapple with legal issues and difficult decisions about technologies and aesthetics, and I realized I needed to learn more about books and emerging (or even just relevant) technologies if I was going to try to envision how print and digital books should evolve, how they might look down the line, how the formats should be related. I want to help make sure books remain as relevant and innovative as I believe they should be.

After a brief but productive six months in Los Angeles where I worked at a non-profit lending library and bookstore, wrote on the internet, and put together a reading series, I arrived in Austin this fall.

I am currently studying archives and digital archives, pursuing a masters degree in information science at the School of Information, University of Texas, Austin. So, this is my first semester at the School of Information. I plan to complete the Museum Studies Portfolio Program. I expect to graduate in May 2013.

I remain devoted to writers and publishers I love, write for a blog and review poetry for publication in a literary journal. Here is my resume for details and more. Or please get in touch!


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