September 24-25, 2010

EPOCH Schedule

Below is a list of both paper and poster presentations confirmed for this year's EPOCH student symposium. While posters will be presented in a general poster session on Saturday, September 25th, paper presentations are organized according to topic and interest area.


Friday, September 24, 2010 ♦ (UTC, room 2.112A)

8:30-9:00, Welcome and Registration

9:00-10:00, SESSION I - Museums: Providing and Preserving Context

"The Archaeological Site Museum: Preservation, Presentation, Education" (abstract)
Kristin Barry
Pennsylvania State University
Department of Art and Architecture History

"The Looting of the Iraq Museum: An Analysis of the 2003 Preparedness Steps from the Conservation Perspective" (abstract)
Zainab Mohammed
New York University

10:00-10:30, Break

10:30-12:00, SESSION II - Performance, Language, and Preservation

"Click to Return Home: Preservation of the Networked Domestic" (abstract)
Amelia Abreu
University of Washington
The Information School

"Building up Broad Support for Heritage Language Maintenance through the Language Documentation Training Center Workshop at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa" (abstract)
Erenst Anip
University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Library and Information Science

"Preservation of the décima in Las Tunas, Cuba" (abstract)
Jamie Swim
University of Texas at Austin
School of Information

12:00-1:30, Lunch (on your own)

1:30-2:30, SESSION III - Education, Philosophy, and the Politics of Preservation of the Built Environment

"Thinking and Doing: A 21st Century Pedagogy for Preserving the Historic Architectural Artifact" (abstract)
Robert Ogle
University of Colorado at Denver
College of Architecture and Planning

"In Between Theory and Practice: Preservation of Built Environment in Contemporary China" (abstract)
Yishi Liu
University of California at Berkeley
Department of Architecture

2:30-3:00, Break

3:00-4:00, KEYNOTE ADDRESS - Form, Figure, and Shape in Preservation Research

Michèle Cloonan
Dean and Professor
Simmons College
Graduate School of Library & Information Science

4:30-6:00, Reception and Tour - School of Information, 1616 Guadalupe St.

Saturday, September 25, 2010 ♦ (Morning sessions at Mezes Hall, room 1.306. Afternoon session and ice cream social at UTA, School of Information, 1616 Guadalupe St)

♦ Please be aware there is a UT football game in the afternoon. Traffic may be rerouted.

9:00-10:00, SESSION IV - A Delicate Balance: Preservation Efforts and Heritage Tourism

"Heritage tourism in Latin America: Simon Bolivar and the integrity of his legacy as represented through the recently inaugurated 'Ruta del Libertador' in Ecuador and Venezuela, and 'Ruta Libertadora' in Colombia" (abstract)
George McQueen
University of Texas at Austin
School of Architecture; Latin American Studies

"'Heritage Alive' in Hong Kong: Historic Preservation and City Marketing in a Chinese SAR" (abstract)
William Magruder
Tongji University, Shanghai, China and Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany

10:00-10:30, Break

10:30-12:00, SESSION V - Preserving Values: Communities of Practice and Source Communities

"Worthy of Consideration? Recent Past Urban Educational Architecture" (abstract)
Amber Wiley
George Washington University
American Studies

"City-Citizen Collaboration and the Use of Documentation Strategy" (abstract)
Carol Brock
University of Texas at Austin
School of Information

"You Can't Archive Feelings: Exploring Tensions between the Queer and Cultural Heritage" (abstract)
Danielle Cooper
University of Toronto
Information Science

12:00-1:30, Lunch (on your own)

1:30-2:30, POSTER SESSION ♦ (UTA, School of Information, 1616 Guadalupe St)

"Between Cultural Heritage Conservation and City Development: an Interpretation of Liverpool's Paradise Project" (abstract)
Ehab Kamel
University of Nottingham
Department of Architecture and Built Environment

"Conservation Scenario of Built Heritage in Pakistan" (abstract)
Saima Gulzar
University of the Punjab
College of Earth and Environmental Sciences

"Conserving Holy Child Devotional Sculptures : Fine Art and Sacred Objects" (abstract)
Kimberleigh Collins-Peynaud
Ecole supérieure de beaux-arts de Tours

"Cultural Heritage Preservation and Built Environment in the Kumaon Region of the Indian Himalayas" (abstract)
Jordan Monez
University of Washington
College of the Built Environment

"Defining Sacred Places: Religious Perspectives on Dzil nchaa si an (Mt. Graham), Arizona" (abstract)
Sheila Rabun
University of Oregon

"Green Museum Practices" (abstract)
Rose Daly
Winterthur/University of Delaware
Program in Art Conservation

"International Librarianship and the Sharing of Global Resources: Digital Access to Historic German-Language Newspapers" (abstract)
Amy Elizabeth Neeser
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
School of Information Studies

"Lost from Oxiana: The Looting and Destruction of the National Museum of Afghanistan (1979-2001)" (abstract)
Joanie Meharry
University of Edinburgh
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

"Manufacturing Technology and Conservation of a Graecoroman Bronze Coin from Sa El-Haggar (Sais Site), Egypt" (abstract)
Ibrahim Mohamed Ali

"Recovering the Lost History of Art: Nazi-Era Provenance Research and the Preservation of Cultural Memory" (abstract)
Jennifer McComas
Indiana University - Bloomington
Department of Art History

"The Politics of Intangible Heritage in Zimbabwe" (abstract)
Jesmael Mataga
National University of Lesotho
Center for African Studies

2:30-3:30, Awards Ceremony, Ice Cream Social, and Closing Remarks