UTNetCAT Library Lookup Bookmarklet

UTNetCAT Lib Lookup


This bookmarklet will check and see if a book listed on Amazon's Web site can be found in the UT Library System. This bookmarklet is a simple javascript that takes the ISBN of the book's page at amazon.com and looks for the same ISBN with UTNetCAT.

How to Use:

Find a book on amazon.com, select or click your UTNetCAT Lib Lookup bookmark. Another browser window will open behind your current browser window with a page of results from UTNetCAT with the book from the amazon.com page listed as the first result from the UTNetCAT search (if the book is available).

To save this bookmarklet:

Move your mouse point over this bookmarklet link: UTNetCAT Lib Lookup. Press down your (right) mouse button and choose "Add Bookmark".
Just select and drag the bookmarklet link to your browser's toolbar. You can also drag the link up to your Bookmarks menu; when the menu opens, drag to whichever place you prefer.

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