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dariusDr. Darius Mahdjoubi is a Visiting Scholar at the Innovation, Creativity and Capital (IC2) Institute of The University of Texas at Austin, an Adjunct Professor at St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas and in the School of Innovation in Haugesund, Norway, and an Innovation Navigator. Darius has an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. degree from The University of Texas at Austin. His dissertation is entitled "Knowledge, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" which he conducted under the mentorship of the late Dr. George Kozmetsky. The dissertation used the metaphor of navigation to explore the process of innovation. The dissertation also underlined the deficiency of conventional formal business plans in the processes related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Currently he is working on a research project to develop Action Business Planning, which is a migration from conventional formal business plans.

Prior to his doctoral studies, he was a senior consultant at DMA, a consulting firm in Toronto, Canada. He specialized in "Innovation Strategies and Management of Technology." Between 1994 and 1997 he was active in the "Regional Innovation Strategy Project," funded by the Federal Department of Human Resources Development Canada - HRDC. As part of the project he developed "The Mapping of Innovation" which uses the analogy of avigation to explicate the process of innovation. In 1999 he met Dr. George Kozmetsky, who suggested an interdisciplinary Ph.D. study on knowledge and innovation, which would lead to the development of "The Atlas of Innovation" as an extension of "The Mapping of Innovation". The interdisciplinary dissertation is a result of this effort. As a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), he focuses his practice in facilities planning and industrial factory setup.


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