About Group

I lead the UT Austin Image and Video Computing (IVC) Group. Our aim is to create systems that convert visual data into discoveries and innovations that benefit society at large. Our research involves computer vision, machine learning, and human-computer interaction. We develop both scalable automated algorithms and crowdsourced human intelligence systems for analyzing images and videos. Research problems addressed by our group include image and video segmentation, object tracking, (bio)medical image analysis, visual question answering, and assistive technologies for people with visual impairments. Our work is currently supported by funding from the National Science Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and Adobe.

Our group is also a part of the UT Austin Intelligent Systems Group.


Yinan Zhao
PhD Student

Samreen Anjum
PhD Student

Benny (Chi) Lin
Masters Student


Dr. Mehrnoosh Sameki, PhD at Boston University (co-supervised with Margrit Betke), 2017. Now at Rue La La.


Qing Li, Visiting Research Fellow, 2018.