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The Cochineal was created to assist exploration by current and future students in the field of preservation and conservation so that their contributions to the literature will be unique and useful. In May, 2007 the static web pages of the repository were transitioned into a fully-searchable database.  The selected papers reflect research completed by conservator and preservation administration students during their course of study in the School of Information at the University of Texas.

In its current form, there are several components to The Cochineal. The first is a repository for research conducted by conservation and preservation students. The repository does not have an editorial review process; it is expected that authors will represent themselves and the repository well by proofreading their own work. Papers will be available online in two formats: as a cross-platform PDF and as html files on the The Cochineal website.

The second component is an annual electronic newsletter. The goal of the newsletter is to inform current conservation and preservation students and alumni, the School of Information, and members of the Preservation and Conservation communities of the best and most timely student research, projects, and news. Each year, works from the repository will be selected for publication in the newsletter. In addition to this research, the newsletter will highlight student projects and alumni news.

It is hoped that these resources and others contained in The Cochineal will strengthen ties between current students and alumni

Permissions and Copyright Statement

Authors are required to download a release form from the website. This form must be signed and submitted to the editors, and will be kept on file in the Kilgarlin Center Office.

The editors may be contacted at Inquiries to the Kilgarlin Center Office may be made by contacting Ann Seago directly at

The release confirms that the paper was written by the author, acknowledges appropriate citations and copyrights, and gives to the Cochineal publication rights for educational and advertisement purposes related to the website, yet does not otherwise interfere with the author's future use of the research.

This site is in compliance with requirements as described by the University of Texas Intellectual Property Office.

Technical Information

The Cochineal, established in 2004 by conservator students Holly Robertson and Beth Heller, originally sought to utilize open-source software, such as Open Journal Systems, designed specifically for academic repositories. This software is still being evaluated for its applicability to The Cochineal. For further information about OJS, please visit this website:

In addition, we have begun to archive the student papers from The Cochineal repository in the School of Information Institutional Repository, currently supported by D-Space.

The Cochineal gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Shane Williams, System Administrator; Quinn Stewart, Information Analyst; Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa, Kilgarlin Center Director; and Patricia Galloway, Assistant Professor, all of the School of Information. Also, Alicia Mallory, Records Manager, Teachers State Retirement Fund for sound advice. Many thanks to Jennifer Borderud, Carie McGinnis, and Edward Sevcik for setting up The Cochineal sub-community on D-Space.


Kilgarlin Center students are guided by talented, motivated, and dedicated faculty, including:

Dr. David B. Gracy II
Governor Bill Daniel Professor in Archival Enterprise at the School of Information

Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa
Director of the Kilgarlin Center
Lecturer, Preservation Administration

Chela Metzger
Lecturer, Book Conservation

Karen Pavelka
Senior Lecturer, Conservation of Records Materials

Sarah Cunningham
Adjunct Lecturer, Audio Preservation


2007 Editor:

Elizabeth Seramur:

2006 Editor:

Amy Baker:

2005 Editor:

Erin Hammeke:

2004 Editors:

Holly Robertson:
Beth Heller:

Current Faculty Advisor:

Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa


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