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I'm an occasional lecturer at the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. I have been an American Library Association Copyright Scholar. I have been the faculty advisor for the UT Anime Club. You can find more personal info over on Facebook. I work for Microsoft.

I write about issues related to copyright and open access.

Some sites where I can be found:

I have been scaling back on my non-course presentations because of time and travel constraints (mainly due to trying to finish up coursework). If you do need someone to talk about copyright, though, feel free to contact me, and if I can't help you myself I will help you find another person through the Copyright Advisory Network or elsewhere.

Some of my non-coursework presentations:


Courses as a doctoral student:

Current Research Projects:


Hobbies include copyright, anime, games, books, tech, and watching movies (especially at the Alamo Drafthouse). I occasionally write or contribute to board and other tabletop games.

Some of my email addresses: