CHIPS activities for Spring 2013 are in full swing! Keep an eye out for news of upcoming tours, meetings, and workshops on the events page. And if you are interested in leadership positions witin this University of Texas student group, please contact us.


The Cultural Heritage & Information Preservation Society (CHIPS) was formed at the end of Fall 2009 for two purposes: to emphasize UT’s leadership in the area of cultural heritage preservation studies, and to develop extracurricular events that promote cultural heritage preservation research and activities.

UT ranks #1 in the country for archives and preservation (U.S. News & World Report, 2010), and CHIPS is the first student group to actively bring together talented individuals from across UT to share and collaborate on a diversity of preservation-related topics.

CHIPS’ two founding members are Virginia Luehrsen and Lorrie Dong, who are both doctoral students in the School of Information (iSchool) at UT. At present, members include other iSchool graduate students and School of Architecture students. CHIPS aims to attract an even broader spectrum of members from a variety of academic disciplines in the upcoming years.

A quick reminder

For those of you who have already paid membership dues ($5/year) - thank you! For those members who have not yet paid, you can give your payments to Virginia Luehrsen at our next meeting, at her office, room 5.554 (School of Information), or in her mailbox at the School of Information.

Remember, we will send most CHIPS communications through the Preservation listserv. Instructions for joining the listserv can be found here.