Assignment 2 - Planning a Digital Library

Team Members & Responsibilities:

We will be collaborating on all tasks, but the rough division of responsibilities is as follows:


We will employ Greenstone's Web Library software to build our collection. We will follow the OAI's example of harvesting exposed metadata to build a collection of the work of professionals and scholars.


We plan to use the Dublin Core unless it proves too limiting.


Practically speaking, this collection is designed for the students in this course and beyond that the students of this school. It is a test project designed to show the potential of such a collection of students' works. The intended audience beyond students would include employers, researchers, and potential students interested in the work the students have done during their time in the School of Information. For the purposes of this course, however, access will be limited to INF 385T upon completion and the developers during construction.


For this project, we will be exploring the roles of both service provider and data provider utilizing the OAI-PMH protocol. The source material for the data provider will be derived from digital and non-digital sources. These will include original artwork, photography, student papers, and even include documents that preserve the corrections made by professors. We will be digitizing work that only exists in hard copy while also harvesting metadata from already digitized documents.


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