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V.M Daniel Professor of Information,
Professor of Psychology, Professor of Information, Risk & Operations Management
School of Information

Ph.D. Loughborough University of Technology
B.A., M.A. (First Class) University College Cork

What's new?

I am currently on leave after serving as dean of this amazing school for 15 years. For Spring 2018 I shall be the Follett Chair holder at Dominican University and working on projects related to the psychology of reading & writing, information evolution, and music as an information form.

Here's a link to my Austin Forum presentation on the new field of Information (check security setting on browser if space is blank):

I have two chapters on design and education in two new books, D. Sonnewald's Theory Development in the Information Sciences, and Lund's Information Design, and I have been stimulated by the response to my 'What it means to be an iSchool' paper sufficiently to think there needs to be more work here. More for the agenda.

e-Copies are now available of the majority of my writings since 1988 on this site - just click on publications link above. Read my InfoMatters blog to get some of my latest words on all matters information-related.

Since I get asked for this one a lot, you can find my overview of why information matters here. My White Paper for CLIR on the future of academic libraries makes a case for information as a discovery accelerator. It's older now but the ideas still relevant, just visit any university library to see why.

Interested in writing a book as part of a new UT Press series on Information? Contact me.


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