Creation, Deployment and Use of Digital Information

Edited by
Herre van Oostendorp, Leen Breure & Andrew Dillon

Published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
ISBN 0-8058-4587-9
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From the cover:

The aim of this volume is to present results of scientific research on how digital information should be designed and how artifacts or systems containing digital content should maximize usability. This book also explains how content can influence the nature and efficiency of digital communication.

The issue of what digital information actually is will be covered from a philosophical standpoint, a cognitive, and a technical one. The book has much to offer to academics in many disciplines, including, Science, Arts, Psychology, Education and Information and Computing Sciences.

What the reviewers said:

"This book forms a nice framework to examine the modernization of today's world in the face of the information revolution. Highly recommended" Choice

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Creation, Deployment and Use of Digital Information
  • Herre van Oostendorp, Leen Breure, and Andrew Dillon
  • Chapter 2 - In a Digital World, No Book Is an Island: Designing Electronic Primary Sources and Reference Works for the Humanities
  • Gregory Crane
  • Chapter 3 - Reuse of Content and Digital Genres
  • Leen Breure
  • Chapter 4 - From Syntactic - Toward Semantic-Driven Document Transformations
  • Jacco van Ossenbruggen and Lynda Hardman
  • Chapter 5 - Model-Based Development of Educational ICT
  • Jan Herman Verpoorten
  • Chapter 6 - Engineering the Affective Appraisal of 3-D Models of Buildings
  • Koske Houtkamp
  • Chapter 7 - How the Format of Information Determines Our Processing: An IPP/CIP Perspective
  • Hermi (Tabachnek) Schijf
  • Chapter 8 - Supporting Collective Information Processing in a Web-Based Environment
  • Herre van Oostendorp and Nina Holzel
  • Chapter 9 - Adaptive Learning Systems: Toward More Intelligent Analyses of Student Responses
  • Peter W. Foltz and Adrienne Y. Lee
  • Chapter 10 - Knowledge-Based Systems: Acquiring, Modeling, and Representing Human Expertise for Information Systems
  • Cilia Witteman and Nicole Krol
  • Chapter 11 - Collaborative Voices: Online Collaboration in Learning How to Write
  • Eleonore ten Thij
  • Chapter 12 - Feedback in Human-Computer Interaction: Resolving Ontological Discrepancies
  • Robbert-Jan Beun and Rogier van Eijk
  • Chapter 13 - Old and New Media: A Threshold Model of Technology Use
  • Lidwien van de Wijngaert
  • Chapter 14 - The Diffusion and Deployment of Telework in Organizations
  • Ronald Batenburg and Pascale Peters
  • Chapter 15 - How Do We Read Text on Screen?
  • Mary C. Dyson
  • Chapter 16 - Conclusion: So What Is This Thing Called Information
  • Andrew Dillon