Hypertext and Cognition

Edited by
Jean-Francois Rouet
Jarmo J. Levonen
Andrew Dillon
Rand J. Spiro

Published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
ISBN 0-8058-2144-9

This is the joint work of 10 authors collected together by the editors. The focus of the book is most directly on the empirical evidence we have to date on digital media in educational applications. Authors from the US, France, Netherlands, and Finland have contributed and each chapter contains new evidence or synthesizes current evidence on a particular issue.


  • La Maison Hypertext: Charles Perfetti
  • An introduction to Hypertext and Cognition: Jean-f. Rouet, Jarmo Levonen, Andrew Dillon, Rand Spiro.
  • Studying and Learning with Hypertext: Jean-Francois Rouet and Jarmo Levonen.
  • Myths, Misconceptions and an Alternative Perspective: Andrew Dillon
  • Using hypertext to study and reason about historical evidence: Anne Britt, J-F. Rouet, and C. Perfetti.
  • Effects of overview structure on study strategies: D. Dee-Lucas.
  • Comprehension, Coherence, and Strategies in Hypertext and Linear Text: Peter Foltz.
  • Studying and annotating hypertext: Herrre van Oostendorp.
  • Notes on Hypertext, Cognition and Language: Eric Esperet.
  • Text and Hypertext: Charles Perfetti.

What the reviewers said:

"Rouet..et al...have edited a very interesting volume,...small but comprehensive."

"Dillon's chapter on myths and misconceptions of the implications of hypertext systems is enlightening and very well presented"

British Journal of Educational Psychology