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This is a Web site for Mr. John W. berry's ALA Presidential Taksforce on Equity of Access.

1. Goals of Site

  • Provide historical and contemporary information about Equity of Access issues and efforts in LIS Support learning and sharing information about technology for ALA members.
  • Encourage personal research about Equity of Access/Digital Inclusion. Be a valuable resource used ALA members, and others.

2. People involved with this project

  • Dr. Loriene Roy
    Graduate School of Library and Information Science
    The The University of Texas at Austin
    SZB 564
    Austin, TX 78712-1276
    tel: (512) 471-3959 fax: (512) 471-3971

  • Students in the fall 2001 "Public Libraries" class contributed content on the history of ALA and exemplary public libraries projects related to the digital divide.

  • Students in the spring 2002 "Information Resources in the Social Sciences" class contributed content related to competencies, funding sources and key variables such as age, race,and accessibility regarding equity of access and digital divide.

  • Graduate Student- Independent Study
    Spring 2002, Summer 2002
    Seung-Ah Lee

  • Graduate Student- Independent Study
    Fall 2003
    Holly L. Smith

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