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Starting PowerPoint

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Starting PowerPoint

This section describes how to start PowerPoint, what you will see when you first open the program, and how to start creating a presentation from scratch.

Step 1:
To start PowerPoint, go to the Start menu and select Programs ->Microsoft Office ->Power Point.

Step 2:
PowerPoint opens in “ Normal” view. In normal view, you will see the following:

• A blank slide in the center of the window.

• Off to the left, a “Slides” pane that will display a thumbnail sketch of all the slides in your presentation, in sequence.

• Off to the right, a “Task” pane that will display the following options for getting started:

i. “Open,” to open a pre-existing presentation.

ii. "Create a new presentation,” to start a new presentation.

screen shot


Step 3:
Click "Create a new presentation" to start a new presentation.

Step 4:
Click “Blank presentation” to create a presentation from scratch. Your other options here are “From design template,” “From AutoContent wizard” and “From existing presentation.”

Step 5:
Click on a desired layout from the choices that appear in the task pane. A discussion of layouts follows in the next section.

To return to Normal view at any time, go to View -> Normal.

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