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Importing & Printing

Importing & Printing

Importing Data

  1. To import data into a spreadsheet select Data from the menu and click on Import External Data.
  2. screen shot

  3. Locate the file you would like to download. In this example, we are importing a tab delimited text file called downloadable.txt. [ download this file to use while working with the tutorial ]
  4. screen shot

  5. The Text Import Wizard will launch automatically. Make sure Delimited is checked and click Next.
  6. screen shot

  7. Select Tab and click Next.
  8. screen shot

  9. Click Finish.
  10. screen shot

  11. Select where you would like to put the data. You can either put it in the existing worksheet at the specified cell or in a new worksheet.
  12. screen shot

  13. Here is how the spreadsheet should appear when the data has been successfully imported.
  14. screen shot

Printing Spreadsheets

  1. Select View from the menu and click on Page Break Preview.
  2. screen shot

  3. Use the blue lines that appear on the spreadsheet to adjust the page edges for printing.
  4. screen shot

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