Create PDFs from a Website

In this scenario, let’s say you have found an amazing website and want to print it out.  A website is made up of multiple webpages, so you'll need to follow the following steps for each webpage.

First, go to the webpage you want converted to a PDF.  Then open Adobe Acrobat Pro.  On the icon bar, select the “Create PDF” icon and scroll to the “From Web Page” line. Alternatively, you can press Control + O.  (Apple + O on Macs.)

menu: create a PDF from a webpage

Now a window should pop up, allowing you to enter or browse for the URL address of the webpage you want converted.

prompt: insert web address

Adobe Acrobat Pro will automatically convert the webpage.  It may take anywhere from several seconds to a minute or two to convert the webpage, depending on how much and what kind of information is being converted.

Some things to be aware of when converting a webpage: 

  • Webpages often use font sizes larger than what you normally see in a document.  So when you convert a webpage, you may be converting text with a font size anywhere from 14-18 points, which will look strange on paper.
  • Webpages often use spacing as a way to make text easy to read on a monitor.  When a page is converted to a PDF, however, you may see much more space than is normally needed in a printable document.


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