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SnagIt Basics

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Step 3: Take a Screenshot

We'll begin by taking a screenshot from Internet Explorer of the iSchool website.

To activate SnagIt, hold down CTRL+SHIFT+P or click the capture button. The SnagIt interface will disappear, but don't be alarmed - it's working for you in the background. When you mouse over the Explorer window, SnagIt will highlight the region that will be captured. in order to capture the entire window, place the cursor on the title bar. After the region I'd like to photograph is highlighted, I simply click the mouse button and the photograph is taken.

Immediately after you take the screenshot, SnagIt will open a capture preview window so you can look at the image you have just captured.

screen shot

From here you have several options. The most simple and essential is to finish the image, that is, save it as a stand-alone file.

Because we chose "File" as our output option, clicking "Finish" will open a "Save As..." dialog. You may now name your image and save it as the file type you would like. I'll name it "ischool" and save it as a JPEG image:

screen shot

If you had selected "Clipboard," clicking "Finish" would have sent the image to the clipboard; same goes for "Printer."

You are now ready to use the image in a Word file or on a Web Page.

If you'd like to learn how to change or mark-up the image you've just saved, click to the next step, Mark-up the Image.

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