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The process of creating a movie or a slide-show in MM2 consists of importing media such as video, pictures, audio, or music into the program and then manipulating these same elements to create a specific product. The interface is designed to provide visual access and management of imported elements in the collections pane. Items from this area can be dragged into either a storyboard or timeline window and then edited. From a preview window (monitor), changes or additions made to the project can be sampled through playback. Once the desired effect has been achieved the combined project can be saved to the computer, to a CD, or sent to e-mail, to the web, or a DV (digital video) camera.

Whether you are working with MM2 in the lab or at home the process is the same, with one exception. In the lab, students are required to save projects to an external hard drive (FireWire drive) and not to individual PCs or Macs.

For instructions or help ask a lab staff member ("purple shirt").

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