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Burning CDs

You can also use iTunes to burn CDs that can be played in your home or car stereo.

First, create a playlist of the tracks you want on the CD. Remember, recordable CDs will only hold 80 minutes of playtime (some older CD-Rs will only hold 74 minutes, so check your CD to verify its recording time). Look at the information bar at the bottom of the iTunes window to find the length of your playlist.
screen shot Once you've compiled a playlist that you'd like to burn, insert a blank CD-R. The large button in the top right corner of the window will now be a Burn Disc button. Click on it once. This will not automatically begin the burning process.

We still have once more step before our disc is created. The Burn Disc button will now be a radiation symbol that fades from yellow to red:

screen shot

The progress display (the green-grey rectangle a the top of the window) will remind you of how many tracks will be burned and the length of the playlist. It will also remind you to insert a blank CD if you haven't done so yet.

screen shot

To proceed with burning the CD, click on the Burn Disc button again. If you want to cancel the operation, click on the small X on the right side of the rectangle.

Extra Hint - Burn Disc Options

Want to change the format of your CD or the speed that it will be burned at? Under the iTunes menu, go to Preferences and click on the Burning icon at the top of the window.

screen shot

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