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Creating a Photo Library

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Creating Albums and Slideshows

In this section, we will explore how to create and utilize albums, or collections of photos from your iPhoto Library. An album is useful to chronicle a particular subject or event, such as a summer vacation or images for a special project. In iPhoto, you can organize an album with images arranged in the order that you want, and you can include the same image in multiple albums without making multiple copies of the image. Slideshows are a fun way to view or show off your photos.  You can vary the display settings and add the music of your choice to your slideshow.

Creating Albums
1. Add an album by clicking on the plus sign icon in the lower panels.

2. Make sure “New: Album” is selected.  Give your album a title.  Click “Create.”

Arrow on plus icon with caption: Create a new album, smart album, book, or slideshow.
Add a new album by clicking on the plus icon. 

 New: Album.  Name: Chet v. Flashdrive.  Click on Create.
Name your album and click “Create”.

3. To add a photo to the album you just created, select a photo or photos in your iPhoto Library and drag them to your newly created album.

Dragging an image from the viewing area to the album icon on the left.
Adding photos from the library to the album you just created.

4. You can arrange your photos in any order you prefer. View your album by selecting the album of your choice from the Source list.  Click and drag your images to any position you want within the album.

5. Remove images from your album as you did with your library.  Select the image or images by clicking on them once.  Press the delete key on your keyboard. While this will remove the images from your album, it will not delete them from your iPhoto Library. You may remove an entire album from your iPhoto Library in the same way.  Select the album in the Source list, and then press the delete key.

Viewing Slideshows
You can view any album or library as a slideshow.

1. Click on the slideshow icon from the lower toolbar when the desired album or library is open.

An album contains a few images showing a purpleshirt examining a flashdrive.

You can also create and save a slideshow from an album by selecting the plus icon from the lower panes.  Then select Create --> Slideshow.  Using the lower toolbar, you can adjust the display time, transitions, and effects.

Close up of slideshow settings in the lower toolbar.
Adjust the slideshow settings in the lower toolbar.

2.  You can also add music.  While your slideshow is open, click on “Music” in the lower toolbar.  iPhoto will access your iTunes Library from which you can select music tracks.

Albums and Slideshows are quite useful when burning your images to CD or DVD. Often, you don't want to transfer your entire iPhoto Library to disk; rather, you only want to burn certain images. At the end of this tutorial, we will discuss burning your image to disc.

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