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Creating a Photo Library

Importing Images

Editing Images

Organizing and Searching

Albums and Slideshows

Using Images in Other Applications

Transporting, Saving, and Printing

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Introduction to iPhoto 5

What is iPhoto?
iPhoto is a Mac program that can help you manage your digital photographs.  It can come in really handy, particularly if you have a lot of images.  iPhoto maintains the metadata associated with your images such as date of capture, and it allows you to assign keywords and notes to each image.  This associated information makes the organization and search of your images much easier.  In addition, the program comes with special features such as basic image editing tools, compatibility with other iLife programs, and the ability to create printed photo albums.

The approach you take to iPhoto may differ according to whether you are working at the lab and using a firewire drive or whether you are working at home or with a user account. The tutorial instructions that vary according to these environments are indicated within the tutorial with icons on the left-hand side: the firewire drive icon indicates steps to be taken if working at the IT lab and saving to a firewire drive.  The home icon signifies steps specific to users working at home or on their own user account.  Unmarked sections contain information for users in both settings.

This iPhoto Tutorial
This tutorial provides an introduction to iPhoto 5 but is still very useful for users of earlier versions of iPhoto.  The tutorial introduces the iPhoto interface, and it shows you how to: construct an iPhoto Library, import images from a camera or scanner, and perform basic image editing operations.  It then tells you how to organize and search for your images, how to create albums and slideshows, and how to transport your photo library.  It also discusses saving, printing, and using your images in other applications. The author of this tutorial learned much about the program and its neat features by reading iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual; this book is available in the IT lab for checkout. 

The iPhoto Interface
Below is diagram of the iPhoto interface.  Note the names for the different menus, toolbars, and panels; these will be used throughout the tutorial to help instruct and orient you.  Many of these tools allow you to apply an action to selected photos.  To select an image, click once on it.  There should be a blue border around the selected image.  To select multiple images, hold down the shift key while you click once on the desired images.

Screenshot of iPhoto Interface indicating the Source list, lower panels, lower toolbar, search field, zoom toggle, and main menu with descriptions of their functions.
The iPhoto 5 Interface.

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