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Export to iDVD 5

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So you’ve double and triple-checked your edits, previewed your movie, and added your iDVD chapter markers. 

Now you’ll pass off your project to iDVD 5 where you’ll design eye-catching motion menus and burn DVDs to share with your friends.

Make absolutely sure that you’ve completed your iMovie project.  Once you send your iMovie project to iDVD, you can’t make any more changes!

Export to iDVD:

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  • Save your iMovie Project!
  • Select the iDVD tab.
  • Click > “Create iDVD Project”
  • iMovie may ask if you’d like to render certain effects.  Click > Render and Proceed.

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  • IDVD 5 will open and the encoding process will begin.

screen shot

That’s as far as we go here in iMovie HD.  For a detailed walk through iDVD, please see our companion tutorial, iDVD 5 by Brazos Price.


Goodbye and Good Luck!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour through iMovie HD. If you haven’t already seen our iMovie demo movie, please drop by...and think happy thoughts for Chet.

If you’re a PC person at heart, and you’d like to see how Windows treats video editing, please see Bryce Spencer’s Windows Movie Maker tutorial. You’ll also find an alternate cut of our demo movie, edited entirely on Windows Movie Maker.

You can also continue your journey through iLife with our iPhoto 5 and iDVD 5 tutorials.

Thanks for sampling our tutorials here at UT Austin’s School of Information.

Happy Editing!

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