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Ten years ago, the revolution of digital nonlinear editing was available only to industry professionals on high-end systems like Avid.  Now iMovie HD delivers many of the same tools to your Mac. 

A sophisticated application in its own right, iMovie stands at the center of the iLife universe, seamlessly integrating iTunes, iPhoto, and iDVD to help you produce professional-looking films with music, titles, and effects.  Bring your media into iLife.  Put it all together with iMovie.

Now you can edit those home movies that have been sitting around for years, interview that eccentric man who runs the corner store, or throw together an indie comedy with a few of your friends.

The new version of iMovie is HD-compatible.  You’ll be able to import and edit High-Definition Video, but only if you’ve shot your footage on an HD camcorder.  There’s no magic button that will convert your DV home movies into Hi-Def.  Since even bare-bones HD cameras run from $2000-3000, you’ll most likely continue to use iMovie HD to edit DV footage.

In this tutorial, you will:

  • Explore the interface, menus, and tools
  • Manage your project on a portable Firewire Drive
  • Import video from a DV camcorder
  • Build a movie by selecting and trimming your video clips
  • Add transitions, titles, and effects
  • Import and edit photos and audio
  • Export your project to iDVD 5

In short, we’ll show you how to take a project through iMovie HD from start to finish. It’s easy.  Even we threw something together!

Introducing Our Demo Movie:

screen shot

the purple way
Starring: Brazos Price
iMovie cut by David Wilson


We thought the best way to demo the iLife components would be to shoot our own movie: The Purple Way.   Will Chet find inner peace in the world of I.T.?

Throughout the tutorial, we’ll show you what we did and how we did it   Also, make sure that you catch our iLife '05 companion tutorials: iPhoto 5 and iDVD 5, where you’ll see how other elements of our demo movie came to be.



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