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screen shot Inserting Transitions

Transitions are functions that allow the user to smooth the break between clips. They may help you achieve a professional result.

Step 1:
Click on the "Trans" (transitions) tab.

Step 2:
Select a transition from the window.

Step 3:
Adjust the length or duration of the transition.

Step 4:
Drag the icon - screen shot - next to the transition you chose to its intended place in your project on the clip timeline at the bottom of the iMovie interface.


  1. The Speed ranges from 10 frames (30 frames are in a second) to 4 seconds.
  2. Because transitions are linking two clips, they actually need time from both clips. For example, let's say you have a movie clip that is 3 seconds long and you would like to place a transition before it. You choose to "fade in" for 2 seconds. When you drag that transition to the clip timeline and it finishes rendering, you will have a 2 second transition and a 1 second clip. Plan accordingly when you are editing your film and images.


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