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Interface Introduction

Welcome to the iDVD tutorial. By now, you've completed an iMovie file and sent it to iDVD. iDVD's main purpose is to encode your movie so that it can be burned onto DVD-R recordable media. A great deal of power is used to accomplish this. To ensure that this process goes smoothly, please heed these warnings:

  1. Leave iMovie open, but make NO changes - iMovie is still passing information to iDVD, but if you make the slightest change the encoding process goes haywire.

  2. The second warning is to NOT, under any circumstances, click the Slideshow icon, shown below:
  3. screen shot

    This automatically creates a slideshow in iDVD using your photos from iPhoto, which you may have already done in iMovie.

  4. The third warning / tip is to personalize your DVD menu as soon as you send your file from iMovie to iDVD. Making changes late in the encoding process or when the ecoding process is finished will cause you pain and heartache. Do it at the beginning and then let it be.

    Familiarize yourself with the iDVD interface, namely:

    • viewing window - shows you the changes you are making to your DVD menu. The title of your file will appear as the title of your movie. We will cover customizing this and other fields in the themes, settings, audio, and photo portions of the tutorial.

    • motion - turning the motion for the viewing window off will allow your project to encode much faster.

      This shows the                   This shows the
      motion is on                        motion is off

      screen shot                                screen shot

    • preview - preview shows your movie itself. There really is no reason to view the actual movie during the encoding and DVD menu personalization process. You can click through your DVD menu on the viewing window, so I would stay away from the preview option as it typically does more harm than good.

    • slideshow & folder - we will not use these functions in our projects. If you would like to know more information about them, the School of Information IT lab has several manuals covering these topics.

    • customize - the customize icon opens a drawer from the left of the interface allowing you to make changes to your DVD menu and check the encoding status of your project.

      screen shot



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