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Part 4: Editing Images in iPhoto

iPhoto allows you to alter and enhance your images with editing tools. You can easily rotate, crop, or alter the color, brightness, and contrast of images in iPhoto.

1. Select an image from your iPhoto Library located on the firewire drive. Double click on the image to open the edit window.

2. A number of editing options are available. To rotate your image 90 degrees counterclockwise, click the rotate button. To reverse rotation direction, press the Option key when you click the Rotate button.

screen shot

3. Cropping allows you to edit a photo by keeping only the selected portion you like and removing the rest. To crop, select an area of the image with the pointer by clicking in a corner and dragging the pointer out to the desired area. Click the crop icon in the edit pane.

4. The Enhance icon allows you to improve the intensity of colors in your image. You can click on the Enhance icon more than one time to intensify the image's color.

5. The Red Eye icon will remove red eye from a image. Position the pointer at one corner of the subject's eye area, then drag to enclose both eyes. Click on the red eye icon. Zoom in using the size control if necessary.

6. The Retouch icon allows you to remove blemishes and small marks from your image. To retouch, click on the icon and then position the pointer over the small blemish in your image. Move the pointer back and forth in small strokes until the blemish is blended.

7. To convert your image to, simply click on the B & W icon.

8. Often images from a digital camera are dark or muted. To correct this, alter the image's brightness and contrast using the bars located on the edit pane. The brightness bar is on top, and the contrast bar is at bottom.

9. Finally, you can give your image a title and add extra information. Click twice on the I icon to open the information screen. Type in a title for your image to help you easily locate it in the title window, and add notes about the image in the information window.

More powerful image editing software is available with Adobe Photoshop, but iPhoto’s simple options are quite powerful. Experiment with these tools to produce quality images.

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