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Part 1: Constructing an iPhoto Library on a Firewire Drive Using iPhoto Library Manager

NOTE: This tutorial walks you through using a Firewire drive (external hard drive) to store your images. Firewire drives are available for checkout for in-lab use in the IT lab (451 SZB). If you are using your home computer, you will not need a Firewire drive.

In this section, we will create a place to store your images on a firewire drive using iPhoto Library Manager.

For ease of file management and in order to provide quick access to your files, all files that you create in iPhoto, iMovie, and iTunes will be stored on a firewire drive in a folder titled with your name. In this tutorial, we will create a place to store your images on the firewire drive.

1.Check out a firewire drive from the IT lab. Record the number of the firewire with which you are working – if you lose this information, it will be difficult to find your files again.

screen shot 2. Attach the firewire drive to the computer. Request assistance from IT lab staff if needed.

3. Check that the firewire drive is properly connected to the computer – the firewire drive icon should appear on the desktop screen of the computer

screen shot4. Open iPhoto Library Manager.

5. Create a new library on the firewire drive and title it "iPhoto Library _Your Name_".

Do this by clicking on the “New Library” icon at the top left. A new window will open and you will be asked where you would like the new library to be located. Scroll all the way to the left, locate the firewire drive, and click on it once. Create a new folder by selecting the “New Folder” button. Title the folder with your name, and press the “Create” button. Click once on the folder with your name as the title, and go to the "save as" box. "iPhoto Library" will be the default title, but amend it by adding your name so that it reads “iPhoto Library Your Name” and select the “Create” button.

6. This window will close, and you will return to the original iPhoto Library Manager window. You will need to check the box adjacent to the iPhoto Library you just created, and double check that in the location window you have indeed selected the iPhoto Library in your folder with your name on the firewire drive.

screen shot

You have now created your own iPhoto Library from which you will import images to be scanned or images from a digital camera.

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