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GarageBand 2.0 is part of Apple's iLife '05 suite of programs.   Need music for your iMovie HD video or your iPhoto slideshow?   Want to enhance your musical performances with effects and pre-made musical snippets?   GarageBand allows you to create your own musical masterpieces by editing and mixing your instrumental and vocal performances.
Note : This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with the concepts introduced in GarageBand 2.0 - Getting Started.  Take a look at this introduction to the program to become familiar with the GarageBand interface and the basics of song creation. screen shot


By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to:

  1. record your own performances using an external musical instrument or GarageBand's on-screen keyboards.
  2. make changes to your recording, including adjusting the timing of individual notes, cutting and pasting sections, and enhancing tuning.
  3. mix tracks to achieve optimal sound quality.
  4. export your final creation to iTunes for use in other programs or external storage.

Helpful Terms

Balance - changes the amount of sound coming out of each speaker.   Default setting (middle of the dial) is equal sound from each speaker.

BPM - beats per minute.   120 bpm is equivalent to two beats per second.   GarageBand measures tempo in bpm.

Loop - a pre-made musical snippet that you can add to your creations.   Entire songs can be made using only loops!

Real Instrument - Tracks using these instruments are actual audio recordings.   They can be cut, copied, and pasted, but the actual notes cannot be edited.

Software Instrument - Tracks using these instruments are computer-generated.   The actual notes of the track can be changed.

Track - GarageBand songs are made up of many tracks ; each line in the main window is a different track.

For many more helpful definitions, see the Glossary in GarageBand Help.

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