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1 - Download and Installation

Mozilla is an open source suite of applications used for web browsing, email, or creating html pages. PC World Magazine called Mozilla the “best browser of 2003.”

Download Mozilla at Mozilla is available for free for operating systems such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and more. Download the application by clicking on the operating system your computer is running, and save the file to your desktop.

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The following instructions are specific to PC computers running Microsoft Windows. Instructions for installing Mozilla on a Mac are similar, and you should be able to follow along:

1. Find the Mozilla installer on the Desktop – double click on the installer and follow the instructions to install Mozilla on your computer. Be sure to close all other open programs. Note the long integer after the version number (Mozilla constantly updates its software) and the license – this is a public license, which differs from Microsoft products and other closed source software.

2. You will be asked what type of installation you would prefer – Browser only, Complete, or Custom. To install the web browser, email, and html editing components of Mozilla, select the Complete install and click Next.

3. On the following screen, select the Quick Launch to allow Mozilla to start faster. Click Next.

4. On the following screen, review the components you are about to install and click Next.

5. Begin the installation by clicking Install, and allow Mozilla to install on your computer. After the installation, you will be asked if you would like to set Mozilla as your default browser – we recommend that you click yes.

6. The Mozilla homepage will appear. Everything that you could do with Internet Explorer, you can do with Mozilla – plus a whole lot more!

7. Inspect the buttons at the bottom left corner of the webpage screen. The one we wlll using in this tutorial is the envelope Mozilla Mail icon.

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