Standard School Librarian Certificate

The School of Information currently offers preparation for the Standard School Librarian Certificate developed by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) for certification of public school librarians in Texas. This certificate prepares the holder for work at all levels of public education in Texas, from kindergarten through high school (K-12). Preparation for certification requires the completion of a minimum of 15 graduate credit hours. Students certified after September 1, 2002, receive the Standard School Librarian Certificate (SSLC).

In order to apply for SSLC certification students must meet the following SBEC requirements:

  • Hold a master's degree from an accredited institution of higher education
  • Successfully complete a certification program
  • Successfully complete the School Librarian's TExES (Texas Examination of Educator Standards)
  • Have two years of classroom teaching experience from a public or accredited private school.

To satisfy SBEC certification assessment requirements, students must meet six standards, as described in the Texas Administrative Code:

  1. Standard I: Learner-Centered Teaching and Learning
  2. Standard II: Learner-Centered Library Program Leadership and Management
  3. Standard III: Learner-Centered Technology and Information Access
  4. Standard IV: Learner-Centered Library Environment
  5. Standard V: Learner-Centered Connections to the Community
  6. Standard VI: Learner-Centered Information Science and Librarianship.

Students taking a minimum of fifteen (15 graduate hours at the School of Information, including INF 388R Practicum in School Libraries, will be prepared to demonstrate competencies in these six standards.

Students NOT Holding a Master’s Degree

These students must:

  • Meet all requirements for admission to the School of Information master's program
  • Successfully complete the required courses for the School of Information master's degree (or its equivalent)
  • Successfully complete an Endorsement of Specialization, which requires a minimum of fifteen (15) hours in iSchool courses related to school librarianship, including INF 388R Practicum in School Libraries, as determined by the student and the student’s individual advisor.

Required courses for the School of Information MSIS degree

Note: These requirements became effective in fall 2011.

The faculty has deemed the following courses necessary to meet the expectations for School of Information master's degree:

Suggested Electives for Students Seeking the SSLC:

The following courses help students develop competencies required by SBEC for the Standard School Librarian Certificate. The list is a suggested sequence for those seeking to study all possible school librarian courses, but no one program fits all needs. In concert with their individual advisors, students should plan a sequence from available courses across the curriculum that suits their educational needs.

  • INF 382D: Introduction to Information Resources and Services - OR - INF 382L: Information Resources and Services in the Popular Library
  • INF 382E: Materials for Children
  • INF 382F: Materials for Young Adults
  • INF 382G.1: Visual Resources for Youth
  • INF 382S: Library Instruction and Information Literacy
  • INF 384C: Organizing Information
  • INF 384D: Collection Management
  • INF 385H: Digital Media Design - OR - INF 382G: Electronic Resources For Youth
  • INF 385M: Database Management
  • INF 385T: Information Ethics
  • INF 387C: Managing Information Organizations
  • INF 388C: School Media Management
  • INF 388D: Planning and Management of Programs for Children and Youth
  • INF 385S: Digital Libraries

Students Holding Prior Master’s Degrees

Students who already hold a master’s degree may complete a Certificate of Advanced Study as preparation for the Standard School Librarian Certificate provided they meet requirements for admission as a graduate non-degree seeker in the School of Information and complete a minimum of fifteen (15) graduate courses at the School of Information preparing them for school librarianship, including INF 388R Practicum in School Libraries. Please note that courses used to meet certification requirements must have been completed by NO MORE THAN six (6) years before the semester in which the student earns the certificate.

State Mandated Examinations

Students seeking certification must pass a “TExES” examination mandated by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) prior to making application for a certificate.

Test Dates

For current test dates, visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Application for a Standard School Librarian Certificate

Students must submit the application for certification via their TEA account. Questions concerning certification may be directed to:

Shannon Hewgley
Certification Officer
The University of Texas at Austin
College of Education, Student Division
1912 Speedway Stop D5001
Sanchez Building, Room 216
Austin, TX 78712

Substitution for the Required Capstone Course INF 388R Practicum in School Libraries

Please note that if the applicant plans to substitute a professional level one-year appointment as a school librarian in place of INF 388R Practicum in School Libraries, the student must submit a copy of an official employment record indicating this appointment. This record must be included in the official application. The application for certification cannot be approved without this document. No other course work will substitute for the Capstone requirement.

How to Apply for a Practicum (Capstone) Placement

Prerequisites and registration information are available at:

Capstone Option 388R: Practicum in School Libraries

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