Course: INF 388R

This practicum is for students seeking a certificate in School Librarianship and involves assignment to a school library under supervision of qualified personnel. Participants will not ordinarily receive compensation, and the course is only offered credit/no credit. Only one of the following may be counted: INF 388Q, INF 388R, INF 388S.

Effective Fall 2006, all Capstone courses require student participation in an end-of-semester poster session. Please see the poster session guidelines for further information.

The proposal form should be emailed to the INF 388R faculty instructor no later than the last day of pre-registration during the immediately preceding semester.


  • MSIS degree seeking students must have completed 27 hours of coursework AND be entering their final semester.
  • Graduate standing
  • Consent of the school library practicum coordinator

What to Expect

Because we must work within the activities of school districts and their administrative staffs, assignments are generally not known until the beginning of the semester in which the student does his or her work. You will be notified of your assignment as soon as possible. It is up to you to make the initial contact with the librarian to begin your work. Program directives and assignments will be given to you before you contact your school, and an orientation meeting is usually held shortly after assignments are made and work has begun. You will be notified as soon as we know what they are.

For the Student

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