Course: INF 698A | INF 698B

A Master's Thesis is a research project resulting in a substantive paper that involves original collection or treatment of data and/or results. The final product of a Master's Thesis is a paper of publishable quality. The Master's Thesis, like the doctoral dissertation, involves original research and exemplifies an original contribution to scholarship.

Hours: If a Master's Thesis is chosen for the exit course (INF 698A/B), the number of elective credit hours is reduced by 3 to 21 and the number of Exit semester credit hours is increased by 3 to 6. This is the case because the Master's Thesis involves 6 credit hours of work.

Elements of the thesis can:

  • Include a pilot study upon which the dissertation will build
  • Include a comprehensive review and analysis of relevant literature
  • Include a research study design
  • Include the collection and analysis of data, and discussion of results
  • Represent a synthesis and application of the literature on a topic
  • Apply the critical evaluation of empirical studies on the topic

The completed thesis should be formatted in accordance with the requirements of the Office of Graduate Studies. See Office of Graduate Studies for forms and deadlines as well as their FAQ on format requirements.

Registration Requirements:

  1. Identify a faculty supervisor and a 2nd faculty reader
  2. Complete INF 397C: Research in Information Studies, in an earlier semester
  3. Enroll as a student pursuing a Master of Science in Information Studies
  4. Six semester hours of credit are granted for researching and writing the thesis. Course 698A (research project) must precede course 698B (writing period); 698A may not be repeated for credit. Both 698A and 698B must be taken on the credit/no credit basis. The student must register for 698B the semester he or she intends to graduate. The thesis cannot be accepted before the semester in which the student applies for graduation. Register in INF 698A and INF 698B (Master's Thesis) by way of the Graduate Coordinator
  5. Download and complete required forms from the Office of Graduate Studies
  6. Complete, gather signatures on, and submit iSchool Master's Thesis Proposal Form (word | pdf)
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