Recruiting Capstone Students

Recommended Advertising Timeline

It is helpful to post projects and recruit about two months before the start of any semester.  

  • Summer capstone student – advertise in March/April
  • Fall capstone student – advertise in June/July
  • Spring capstone student – advertise in October/November


Students must submit project proposals to their faculty member approximately one month before the capstone work begins.

  • Summer proposal submission deadline: 1st week of May
  • Fall proposal submission deadline: end of July
  • Spring proposal submission deadline: 1st week of December

Process to Hire/Engage a Capstone Student

1. Simply advertise your project opportunities on our iCareers Employer Link system. 

To post capstone projects click on the link below and then click on the "Register and Post a Job to the iSchool" button.  The process is the same for posting internships or jobs. It takes about five minutes.  

iCareers Employer Link

2. Students select projects they are interested in.  It is their responsibility to communicate with you and complete and submit all of the necessary paperwork (letter of agreement and project proposal) by the deadline. 

3. The paperwork is then submitted to the faculty member who has the authority to approve the project.  Faculty members may ask for further clarification if the proposal does not meet standards for academic credit. 

**There is no guarantee that you will find a student just because you advertise.  We do recommend re-posting and advertising multiple semesters. Be sure to change your posting date and application deadline when you re-post.

Capstone Project Work Timeline

Students start working at the beginning of the semester and continue for 12 weeks of a fall or spring semester and 9 weeks during the summer. 

  • Summer:  June – July
  • Fall:         September – November
  • Spring:     January – April

Student Time Commitment

Students are expected to contribute a minimum of 10-12 hours a week or ~120 hours a semester.

Project Specifications & Guidelines

The guidelines regarding projects are very flexible. The basic stipulation is that the student must take ownership of a project and he/she must produce a deliverable.  The deliverable could be a report, a website, a dashboard, a usability evaluation, etc.

Faculty Contact

Every semester a different faculty member manages the course and is the deciding authority on project suitability.  

The professor in charge may know of students who are still seeking projects.

Other Options for Hiring Students

Only students in their last semester are eligible for a capstone project, but all students are eligible for an internship or an independent study. 

Faculty approval is not needed for a standard paid internship.

Students who register for an Independent Study can receive academic credit for work done with an outside organization. The student would discuss the project goals and deliverables with you, but they would need to get authorization from a professor to receive academic credit.


Please contact the iSchool Career Development Office at 512-471-8806 or

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